Take a quick tour of some of Pasadena’s notable neighborhoods. Find community details and nearby real estate listings.
Bungalow Heaven

Bungalow Heaven in Pasadena CA was named for the more than 800 small craftsman homes built there from 1900 to 1930, most of which still exist today. The 16-block area, bordered by Orange Grove and Washington boulevards and Lake and Hill streets, is a Historic...
Chapman Woods

Chapman Woods in Pasadena CA includes approximately 462 homes. Its boundaries extend from Huntington Drive on the south to the south side of Del Mar Boulevard on the north and from Rosemead Boulevard on the east to the Edison right-of-way on the west.
Hastings Ranch

Hastings Ranch lies in northeast Pasadena. It is principally accessed by Sierra Madre Boulevard, Michillinda Avenue, Hastings Ranch Boulevard and Riviera Drive.
Linda Vista

Linda Vista is among the most wealthy neighborhoods in Pasadena. It is bordered by Oak Grove Drive to the north, Colorado Boulevard to the South, the Pasadena-Glendale border to the west and Linda Vista Avenue to the east. It is built on a slope between the...
Madison Heights

Madison Heights in Pasadena CA boasts more than 1,400 residents in an area bordered by Lake, El Molino and Los Robles Avenues to the east and south, Marengo Avenue to the west and California Boulevard to the north.
Old Pasadena

Old Pasadena, often referred to as Old Town Pasadena or Old Town, is the original commercial center of Pasadena. It is now a is designated historic district.Pasadena's downtown declined between 1930 and 1980, but has since been revived as "Old Pasadena,"...
Orange Heights in Pasadena CA

The Orange Heights neighborhood in Pasadena CA is bordered to the west by Los Robles Avenue, to the East by El Molino Avenue, to the North by Jackson Street, and to the South by Mountain Boulevard. It is known for its Craftsman-era bungalow architecture,...
San Rafael

In the 1940s, a housing shortage led the development of the San Rafael area in Pasadena CA on the city’s west side.
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